February 14

B’tzelem elohim

  1. what does it mean to be created in gods image? i think it means to be different and unique in your own special ways.
  2. What do you think this says about you and your friends? i think that everyone in my friends group is different but i still appreciate how they look or how they act because there still my friends and i care for them
  3. Is everybody the same? NO nobody is the same at all but that doesn’t mean you should act differently around people that are different.
  4. What makes each of us unique. what makes people unique is like if i’ve had 5 surgeries and no one else dose that makes them unique but EVERYONE is unique in there own special ways.
  5. i think that JoJo is really nice because he always helps people if there hurt or chears someone up if there feeling down.
February 7


Rachel’s sister gave birth to five children how do Rachel feel?

well i think that Rachel was pretty angry, sad, jealous and Annoyed because she couldn’t have babies. i think that she could of adopted a baby or she try to treat leah’s children as her own or just be happy that your sister gave birth to five babies and don’t think about being jealous and angry.

December 19

Museum of canadian history

Tuesday December 12, We went to the Museum of Canadian History we saw SO MUCH STUFF including giant totem poals that where 60 feet! we also watched a movie about a young indigenous boy that went on a journey and met talking animals that told him the seven sacred laws, the animal were… a bison who taught him about Respect, an eagle who taught him about Love, a bear who taught him about Courage, BIGFOOT! who taught him about Honesty, a beaver who taught him about Wisdom, a wolf who taught him about Humility and a turtle who taught him about the truth. but my favorite parts of the museum where the phones that we could hear stories and the movie